Are you the Bohemian Bride,the Casual Bride,the Classic Bride,the Glamorous Bride,the Modern Bride or the Romantic Bride? You want your big day to echo your style and sensibility. Below are some descriptions to assist you in making decisions about your wedding flowers. Remember, not everyone fits neatly into a category. You may be Bohemian/Glamorous. If so, pull ideas from several categories and design your day to match wedding dress of your own personal and unique style.

Here are some questions to help you determine your style: What is your favorite romantic movie? Think about the period and setting portrayed. Where would you go on your ideal date? Would it be the opening night at the opera or perhaps an Asian-fusion dinner? How about a picnic at a beautiful park or on the beach? What one word describes your sense of style? Streamlined, simple, casual, Boho, girlie? What is your favorite fabric? What is your evening out go-to piece of clothing? Whether it’s a ruffled silk blouse or a pair of black skinny jeans, knowing your own style and preferences can make your vision come to life. What is your taste in jewelry? Who is your fashion icon? Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn, Sienna Miller or Jackie O. And, what is your dream vacation? A private and exclusive island, Paris or Rome in the Spring, a rustic cottage by the sea or maybe an eco-lodge in South America? All of these questions will bring you closer to a definite style and vision for your special day!


You are a little bit wild-child and a little bit Zen. Your ideal wedding location might be a valley or a wooded glen blending a collage of customs and cultures.

Descriptive words: Ethereal, Enchanting, Earthy, Whimsical

Bouquet style: Loosely arranged flowers with organic elements like berries, herbs and ferns. Your bouquet is tied with a bow and tails for that just-picked feel.

Decor: Contrasting textures and a large of colors create an overgrown yet gorgeous look to wearing twigs, flowering branches and pebble filled vases for a woodsy charm.
Blooms: Queen Anne™s lace, fragrant herbs, thistle, grasses, wildflowers, sunflowers.

Colors: Earth tones mixed with oranges, purples and pinks.


You are relaxed with a sensual disposition. White sand beaches, a botanical garden or backyard greenery create a perfect backdrop for your whimsical wedding.

Descriptive words: Beach-casual, breezy, pure, serene.

Bouquet style: Relaxed, unstructured arrangement with a lush island-style vibe. Stems wrapped with twine, raffia or striped ribbons.

Decor: Large brandy snifters filled with white sand, miniature shells, starfish and orchids. Daisies and sunflowers in brightly colored tin pails. Floating flowers and candles.

Blooms: Blue delphinium, orchids, daisies, roses, gardenias, lilies of the valley, dahlias.

Colors: Blue, pale green and white or tropical orange, yellow and red.


Delicate details and simple elegance define your dream Decor. You cull your inspiration from all that™s tasteful and timeless.

Descriptive words: Sophisticated, polished, timeless, graceful, elegant. (Think Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O. and Princess Grace Kelly)

Bouquet style: Trim and tailored bouquets that are round and symmetrical. Silk-wrapped stems fastened with pearl pins.

Decor: Sophisticated and elegant with soft, muted colors and sleek shapes. Glass vases display pretty, elegant arrangements.

Blooms: French tulips, garden roses, calla lilies, peonies, hydrangea, lilacs, stephanotis and ivy as a symbol of fidelity.

Colors: White, cream, pale pastels. A bouquet in varying shades of white is both classic and chic.


Your style is sleek, chic and a little bit dramatic. You adore the spotlight and all the glitz.

Descriptive words: Urbane, Bon Vivant, Jet-setting, Luxe.

Bouquet style: Lush and sleek. Blend exotic and romantic blooms. A vintage brooch embellishment or jeweled and rhinestone accents, feathers! for a dramatic touch.

Decor: Towering, tiered or topiary-style centerpieces for a grand statement. Lavish flowers and regal candelabras.

Blooms: Parrot tulips, orchids, Canova tulips with their ruffled edges, anemones, hyacinth, calla lilies.

Colors: Bold purple, scarlet, chocolate, silver and pearly ivory.

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