So, you’ve got an idea that can make you millions. Instead of working 9-5 for someone else, you’ve decided to go into business and work 24/7 for yourself. You want to move fast, without spending money fast. The solution many people exactly like you have found is the Virtual Office.

The Virtual Office is the next generation, work-at-home toolbox with everything you need to start your business and look like a larger, established, trustworthy business, right from day one.

A Virtual Office starts with a telephone number. That may seem obvious, but you still have to think it through and make some choices. If you do business in a local area, then get a local number. Customers will recognize you as a local business and may feel more comfortable doing business with someone across town instead of across the country.

If you do business in a large geographic area, or nationally, you need a toll free number. Even though the cost of making a long distance call is now very little, most people still avoid long distance calling. An out-of-town phone number also identifies you as an out-of-town business. And, if you don’t use a toll free number, some may consider you to be inconsiderate and afraid to spend a nickel to get a customer or make a sale, making you look like a very small company.

Finally, if you do business internationally, you should find a virtual office provider that can give you a phone number in the countries where you do business. An international virtual office provider will be able to route that phone number right to your home or cell phone for only pennies a minute.

Follow-Me is a call forwarding service that will connect customers and prospective customers who call your Virtual Office to you live, wherever you are. You won’t miss any calls or business opportunities. Your customers will appreciate how easy it is to reach you, and they will reward you with more of their business and refer their friends.

Another way to distinguish yourself from your competition is to include an Auto Attendant with your Virtual Office. An Auto Attendant answers your Virtual Office number with a Menu, from which callers choose the person or department they’re calling. You can even have a Dial-by-Name Directory. An Auto Attendant is very impressive to callers and they won’t know that all of the extensions transfer only to you.

Voice mail is another piece of the Virtual Office. But a voicemail message should not be the end of the call. Your Virtual Office should make sure you know about the call immediately, by calling you, paging you or sending a text message. That way, you can return calls immediately.

Although you’re probably using email more than ever, there is still a need for being able to send and receive faxes. Your Virtual Office can come with the ability to receive faxes on the same phone number, or you can request a separate number for faxes only. This fax email feature delivers your faxes to your email inbox, where you can read, print, forward, save or delete your faxes. Your Virtual Office provider may also include desktop faxing, which allows you to send faxes through your Virtual Office number. This means you may never have to purchase another fax machine again.

So you see, today’s Virtual Office services are a complete solution to doing business from home. For as little as 50 cents a day, Virtual Office providers can give you a phone and fax number that transfers callers to you, takes voicemail messages, delivers voicemail and fax messages to your email and allows you to fax directly from your computer. In other words, you will have a powerful Virtual Office that will allow you to conduct business from anywhere — even that extra bedroom.

Your Virtual Office service provider will be your face to the world. Choose a Virtual Office service provider carefully, following the same procedure you would us when making any business partner choice. Make sure they’ve been in business a long time and that their services and systems are state of the art.

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