It had been a long time since I experienced the rush of adrenaline that I did last night. In our city league playoff basketball game the team that we had battled against made a lay-up with 1.3 seconds left on the clock to take a one point lead.

This isn’t a league that you can call time out and advance to half court. We had to go the full length.

The ball was thrown in to me and with one dribble I launched the ball from half court and sank the game winning shot. I yelled. One of my team mates moms stormed the court and hugged me. Everyone in the Gym was uplifted by the finish.

Except the other team.

I hadn’t felt that excited in sports since college. Being a fan is awesome, but no matter how much you try to involve yourself, you are not a part of the team.

We were sweating for 40 minutes. We’ve played our whole lives. The thrill of all of that culminating in a game winning shot is indescribable.

I slept for 3 hours last night.

That is what we are embarking on this upcoming March. Hundreds of young men will throw themselves at each other in the arena.

They will battle for a crown that only one team can claim.

They will battle for a place on the mantel of immortality that few get to enjoy throughout history.

In this day on “one and dones,” they only have one chance to sit atop the perch of college basketball.

There will be game winning shots. There will be upsets. There will be broken hearts and exhilarating finishes.

The feeling of competing and overcoming the odds to achieve your goals with your brothers in arms is ultimately fulfilling.

One of the great things said by Lance Armstrong was “Anyone who imagines they can work alone winds up surrounded by nothing but rivals, without companions. The fact is, no one ascends alone.”

Lifting those around you and elevating your belief in your own ability is priceless. When you all lift each other is when you can accomplish great things.

Mine was a city league game. The feeling will be incalculably magnified for the combatants in the upcoming tournament.

Long live sport. Long live March Madness. You are the king of post season clashes. There will never be a contest to unseat you.

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