ADHIK MAAS is stated to be a month for acting Daan,Dharma, charitable acts and praying to the Lord Vishnu chanting this mantra ” OM VISHNAVE NAMAH, OM VISHNAVE NAMAH, OM VISHNAVE NAMAH “.
Selfless movements with out outcomes expecting are to be executed on this month.If there may be a temple close by perform pooja of any deities gift and deliver satsangas and chant holy phrases. One time meal wishes to be skipped and entire month the food ate up need to be without salt for anyone appearing the Vrata. One ought to additionally eat most effective vegetarian meals ideally end result and uncooked greens and skip onions and garlic.No sexual act wishes to be completed in this month hence on this month no marriages take vicinity.On the last day go to ADHIK PURUSHOTTAM TEMPLE and do DEEP DAAN.
Whatever Punya one acquires in every other month for eg. If once a RAMNAAM is chanted in this month it’s far improved million times therefore all sins are washed away.
Ya Maasant Grahapravesh,Vastu shanti, Lagna,Upanayana Varjit ahet mhanje hot nahi.
Last ADHIK MAAS started out on 17th June and ended on sixteenth July 2015.This 12 months Adhik Maas started on 16th May and ended on 13th June 2018.

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