When a computer’s speed becomes slow it is usually due to the fact there are problems with the operating system. Yes, it is possible for the computer itself to have problems, but these problems usually don’t exhibit themselves as slow computer speed. So what do you do when your computer has lost its speed? In this article, we will examine a plan of attack to make your computer fast once again.

All computers are not equally as fast as each other. Naturally, some computers have more powerful CPUs than others. Some computers run at higher speeds than others. Different amounts of onboard RAM will make some computers faster than others. Also, very important to a computer’s speed is the amount of L1 cache the CPU has. 2.5GB Switch

Problems in the OS

No matter how fast a computer is; even if it is the fastest computer in the world, if the operating system installed on this computer has any problems, the computer will look like it is running slowly. Actually, it is not, it just looks like it is. Let me explain.

When a Windows operating system has trouble, the instructions it will give to the computer will be inaccurate. Some of the instructions will tell the computer to do things it does not need to do. Other instructions it gives the computer will tell it to do the same thing over and over and over again. Other times, it simply will not tell the computer what it needs to do to complete an operation.

It is Not Slow; it is Wasting Its Efforts

When a computer is being instructed to do the wrong thing, with all the speed in the world, this computer cannot complete instruction sets very quickly because it is wasting time doing things that are unproductive. Often, the computer will be able to work through these errant instructions simply by performing them as many times as necessary until the right instruction is fed to the CPU so it can complete the operation successfully.

The point is, millions of wasted operations may take place when a computer only needed to do a few hundred to complete an operation. This is what makes the computer look slow to its users. Actually, the computer is very fast. It is just hard at work doing things that bear no fruit.

Cleaning the Registry

Usually, about 99.99% of the time Windows has a problem, it is inside its registry. This is why registry cleaners have become so popular these days. Simply put, Windows registries develop problems. These problems accumulate in the registry through no fault of its user. However, when these problems exist, the computer appears as if it is very slow. So, the answer to this problem is to use a registry cleaner periodically. This usually fixes all problems within a Windows registry and this will allow the computer to use all its speed to complete only the instruction it needs to. The result is, you will experience little or no more problems with slow computer speed.

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