Insurance is a good example of planning for trouble even though you are living your life with a plan for success. We live in a world where things go wrong. It takes maturity and experience to start a new lawn care business and that maturity and experience things go wrong. By having a contingency plan to go to when there are problems, you take the teeth out of trouble because it is anticipated. When problems arise, you simply execute your plan and accommodate the trouble so your ability to provide service to your customers is undisturbed.

After all, lawn care is a very physical business. You have workers and machines at work and things can go wrong. You work out of doors where weather can get in the way. You work with nature and just about anything can happen even when working on the yard of the most civilized yard in town. Nature doesn’t care how refined the grounds are so you should be ready if nature decides to get underfoot.

Equipment failure is not something that might happen in the life of any lawn care business. It will happen. So be prepared to perform emergency repairs while on a job site. It is also a good idea to go to each job site with back up equipment. That may mean having a reserve lawn mower and other tools so that if a breakdown threatens the crew’s ability to complete the job, you can pull the damaged equipment off of the job and put your reserve equipment in to finish the project.

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