Being prepared for weather interruptions is a matter of knowing your schedule and being ready if you have to bring crews in during a sudden rain storm. You should have a contingency plan with your customers so if you cannot perform their yard care on a specific day, you can make adjustments to the schedule to get the job done as soon as the weather clears up.

You can even be prepared for injury to a worker. First of all, hire experienced workers who know how to work with the equipment so the chances of injury are small. But keep proper first aid equipment on hand and either you become knowledgeable in first aid and CPR or make sure someone is so if there is a medical need on the job, you can respond to it. You should even go over emergency preparedness with your crews so, God forbid, if someone is injured so badly that they need to go to the clinic or hospital, you have someone delegated to care for the injured worker while the rest of the crew finishes the job. Its all part of being prepared for when trouble comes so trouble can come and go and not disturb the ongoing success of your business.

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