While they can sometimes be annoying then, you really want to encourage comments in your comments section. One way to do this is simply to ensure that your videos ask interesting questions and raise interesting points that will invite discussion. This may even mean being purposefully controversial!

You can also ask questions at the end of the videos and generally make yourself appear approachable. Similarly, you should set a precedent as someone who will answer questions by making sure to stay active in your own comments section. Set up your account to e-mail you when you get a new comment and then set out to answer all these at the start of the day. This is also the way you get fans on YouTube and a few fans can be immensely valuable to any campaign.

And don’t forget – YouTube and Google+ are now linked! This means that if you spend some time building your Google+ circles, they will all be shown your new videos when you upload them. A great way to do this is to be active in discussions in communities, to take part in hangouts and to plus one other people (you normally get a reciprocal +1). Have a G+ button on your website if you have one too and this will help you to gain more people in your circles.

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