One of the things that people who succeed in running their own lawn care business like is how you approach your work. Unlike, when you work for someone else, you are not just doing time to punch the clock and make a paycheck. The quest to build your own business is much more of an adventure and a huge, all consuming obsession or hobby than it is “just a job”. There is no such thing as “punching the clock” when you own the business. You are always thinking of ways to find new customers, make the customers you have happy so they will keep you on and recommend you to others and to fine tune the business so you are productive and profitable.

Customer service is more than just a slogan when you make your living working for a roster of loyal customers. A lawn care business is not like a grocery store. You don’t have hundreds or thousands of customers. You may have a dozen or more when you start out and perhaps a hundred or so for an established lawn care business. Everything you do in building that business revolves around getting and retaining customers. You don’t just think about customer service, you live and breathe it.

There is one principle of customer service that is one of those hidden tricks of the trade that successful lawn care professionals know. That principle is, “always look for a way to do something for your customer for free.” This may seem to run against the concept of working for making money. But there may be no more potent way to get new customers and to cement an existing customer as one who will stay with you for years than to occasionally find a way to give them some service that is above and beyond the call of duty.

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