Within the all the good friends I know who possess a camera just two actually make an effort to use them with the exception of special occasions such as birthdays and weddings, and not very well at that. The two who use them frequently view photography like a pastime and have obtained some very nice shots, and derived a lot of satisfaction from sharpening their skills. All the rest acquired the camera for some valid reason at that moment, tinkered with it, very likely got bogged on the instruction booklet, got one or two photos to prove it was working and then set it aside.

And actually that’s sad, since photography is truly one of those pursuits which can reward you substantially for very little trouble and expense.

No doubt you can do it badly. There are not many things as tremendously dreary as observing a selection of poorly observed, improperly performed and poorly corrected images – and here we’re discussing typically about the style of shot you are likely to take using your cellular phone. They are common. You might call them the pernicious weeds in the flower garden that have overgrown all the eye-catching blooms until finally only the undesirable weeds are visible.

I was drinking a coffee the other day watching several adolescent girls at another table. They launched into snapping one other and thereafter progressed to taking self portraits. This style of vain, self-absorbed activity is the lowest level taking photos can probably descend to. Considering that, if you think you are the only truly worthwhile point of interest in all of life’s rich tapestry then you might have failed to detect a few essential hints in the path of learning what life is ultimately about.

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