Professors are reaping some new, unique benefits, too. One, who meets with his students only online, doesn’t live remotely anywhere near his campus at all. Returning to that college in Montana, another educator is still conducting his classes up there in the Badlands while doing research over 3,000 miles away in New York.
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So, if students and teachers are finding and reporting these kinds of benefits, we should see this form of communications growing even more.
Online education has been touted as the new wave of education for the future. As more and more colleges and universities hop onto this virtual bandwagon, the opportunities for students increase both in terms of quality and quantity. Nowadays, it doesnandrsquo;t matter whether you live in a small rural community, if you are trying to complete your education while juggling a host of other responsibilities, or even if you are looking for extremely specialized niche degree programs, online education is your best bet.

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