A good used car… When you are looking for a good used vehicle, don’t limit your selection to what you can find at dealerships.
Most people think about visiting their local car dealer for advice but there are several ways to find YOUR car.

Many dealerships that have new cars also have a selection of used cars from which you can choose. Although you have to be careful these are great, and for the most part are in good shape.
But you mustnĀ“t see this as your only option.

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The selection they can offer might be limited, and you shouldn’t settle for something you really don’t want because they don’t have anything else.
Don’t forget that there are many cars for sale by owner out there that may just be exactly what you need.
And chances are you may save some good money this way.

Car Listings in Your Local Paper

You can find listings for cars for sale by owner in your local paper.
These classified ads may also be listed online, as most newspapers now have an online version of their paper, and they almost always include their classified listings.
These classifieds are the best way to find cars that you may want that are very close to were you live.
Take the time to read over the ads for cars for sale by owner very carefully, and then call the ones you find interesting.

Surf the Internet

You can also find cars for sale by owner by surfing the Internet.
There are many sites that are designed just to help owners sell their cars to people in their community.
There are more listings than just the classifieds included with your local paper or on their website.
The benefit of this site is that often the listings of cars for sale by owner are more detailed and you can often see pictures.
My dad found his truck this way, but he did have to drive a few hours to get it. Because he got a great deal it was worth it though, and he has had very little trouble with his vehicle.

Be aware there is one draw back of buying cars for sale by owner.
Many times, they do not come with a warranty, and you don’t know the history of the car or how well the engine is running.
There may be hidden rust you cannot see, or perhaps someone may find that the transmission is about to give out. If you still want to by the car, you have a bargaining chip to get a lower price if you find something is wrong.
This is why you should always get a report on the history of the car, and always have a mechanic look it over for you before you buy.
Cars for sale by owner are only a good deal if you know what you are getting.

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