In Malaga in the South of Spain, the number of aesthetic surgery operations increase highly.

Growing numbers of middle-aged men embarking on second marriages are trying to turn the clock back with plastic surgery, experts claim … are going under the knife, with Botox and male breast reduction top of the list. They have called the trend “The Sarkozy Effect”(1)

But the plastic surgery is not without risks. In a low percentage of cases patients die because of infections for instance when erasing excess fat and leaving a patient with peritonitis.

In the province of Malaga, the absolute number of claims is increasing, for the year 2007 with a total of 1507. (2)

Although the absolute number of cases are still relatively small, people will not count on facing problems. “This will not happen to me,” but with an increasing demand for plastic surgery there is no escape that the statistical chance of problems increases in the same way. This is a normal organizational quality “issue,” that is normally solved by increasing the risk measures. But this can only be achieved after the accidents occur. In order to learn from mistakes, the mistake must happen first.

As these clinics are private, the increase in the number of claims must automatically increase the quality otherwise the sector will face credibility… But the sector is relatively a young sector in comparison with existing hospitals that execute surgery for decades and with official protocols and procedures.

A patients is aware of the hazard, but .. what does it mean; being aware? If there is a chance of 1 of 1000 that you die of peritonitis would you undergo the plastic surgery anyhow? And what does the claim solve for you afterwards. The claim will offer only little comfort.

Hans Bool

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