“I purchased other ionizers prior to Enagic and they were JUNK!

None of them lasted more than 18 months!

Back then, as a health care practitioner, (who researched on the internet, lol), I warned my clients not to be sucked into that Enagic company that was so expensive.  https://buyresearchchemicalsonlineusa.com/

Well, my great research ended up as great lessons for me and hopefully, great advice for others in what NOT to do!… ”

Don’t be fooled by the imitation or counterfeit ionizer machines that claim to be the same or better than the ionizers manufactured by Enagic. Despite clever online marketing, propaganda and demonization falsely claiming the Enagic ionizers are inferior or not that great, I will instead show you specific reasons why the Enagic ionizers are not only superior, but that Enagic is the true champion of water ionizers.

First, the so-called “competition” will try and fool people with disinformation in to believing that the Enagic machines cost more because of the included business opportunity. This business opportunity is automatically included when someone purchases their Enagic water machine, whether the purchaser wants to refer others or not.

This referral program is included at no additional charge or fees and is optional to pursue. You do not have to refer others but if or when you refer someone, the company mails you a referral check. Frequently then, as you search the far corners of the internet, you will come across false information demonizing those who promote Enagic as being greedy or being scam artists simply because of this added benefit of being able to receive referral checks when an Enagic unit is sold.

Enagic machines truly are manufactured with higher quality materials and engineering than the knock-offs, thus producing higher quality water, and lasting a longer period of time, which can therefore make the price of Enagic water products higher.

Additionally however, the Enagic units may be sold at a higher price than knock-offs but actually cost less overall than these counterfeits. Because the imitation machines produce a lower-quality water due to lesser quality materials and engineering, therefore resulting in a profit margin or mark-up that is regularly higher than the Enagic products and also resulting in a shorter period of time that the cheaply made product will work producing lesser quality water before breaking, as will be explained.

The scientific name of the ionized water produced by the Enagic units is “electrolyzed reduced water”. Simply put, electrolyzed reduced water is the very best water found in nature and can be reproduced in the home using a process called electrolysis or ionization.

Electrolysis is the use of electricity to change dead acidic water into living, alkalizing water.

I know buying a water “machine” seems counter-intuitive that a “machine” creates natural water but it is the very best water found in nature. This process of electrolysis, which occurs in nature such as when lighting strikes, produces the very best water planet earth creates. This very best water that nature creates is highly antioxidant among other things and can be found in some rare or hard to get to locations around the world such as a well-known spring in Lourdes, France or the glacial-melt water found high up in the mountains. Enagic ionizer water machines use electrolysis to create this same natural antioxidant water fresh on a daily basis in your own home.

The cheaper imitation machines are actually regularly marked up more than the Enagic ones. For example, a “cheaper” $1500 knock-off will normally have a higher profit margin than the Enagic units since the cheaper machines have lesser quality and lesser costly materials and engineering in the manufacturing of their “Made in Korea” units.

The price of the Enagic ionizers are not inflated because of the referral program but actually deflated due to this referral program. This is the Free Market in action. If Enagic water machines were sold in stores they would seriously cost $10,000 or more.

The medical grade platinum, used on the plates that conduct the electrical charge through the water, costs about $2,000 an ounce. The mark-up on the Enagic water machines are less than 3 times. Whereas many retail products found in stores have mark-ups from 5 times up to 100 times such as bottled water. It only costs 1 penny to manufacture the plastic bottle and fill it with dead, acidic water and yet these bottles frequently sell for about $1. That is a mark-up of 100 times in this scenario.

Here is a list of some some standard mark-ups I have found for different products.

* Athletic Shoes
Manufacture Cost: $1
Price Sold: $100
Mark-up: 100 times
* Bottled Water
Manufacture Cost: 1 cent
Price Sold: 99 cents
Mark-up: 99 times

Manufacture Cost: 70 cents
Price Sold: $19.99
Mark-up: 29 times

* Furniture
Manufacture Cost: $100
Price Sold: $799
Mark-up: 8 times

* Building Construction
Manufacture Cost: $200,000
Price Sold: $1 Million
Mark-up: 5 times

* Enagic Ionizer Model SD501
Manufacture Cost: $1400
Price Sold: $3980
Mark-up: 2.85 times

So because there is the referral program included then the cost of these devices is actually driven down as people communicate with each other home to home, family to family, friend to friend, heart to heart and spread the good news about this Living water.

Currently you can also finance the units for as low as $45 a month.

Dr. Michael Donaldson said he bought or tried about 9 other machines from different companies and the only one that produced the water that worked was the Enagic SD501. Amazed that the ionized water produced by the Enagic units worked when the water from the other machines did not, he researched to find out why.

And since that time, the Enagic K8 model came out after the SD501.

There are 3 main things Dr. Michael Donaldson found that you want to look for when comparing ionizers.

1. Quality of the electrode plates.

2. Total surface area of the plates.

3. Power supply.

Knock-off machines have an inferior power supply. You need a lot of electricity to properly restructure the water on the molecular level and break off the hydrogen atom from the H2O water molecule.

The SD501 has 230 Watts, 2.5 amps and 623 sq centimeters of surface area on the plates.

Typically, I have found knockoffs have less amps when compared to the Enagic ionizers and less surface area on their electrode plates and lower quality metals used for their plates.

I asked one competitor, that frequently demonizes Enagic, how many amps their machines have and they said they didn’t know.

They could never answer my question about how many amps their machines have.

And it’s fine if they are being honest and really do not know an answer to a question. But I would appreciate it if they would at least try to find out the answer, which is the common-sense thing to do if you are trying to earn business from a customer. However, not only did they fail to even attempt to honestly answer my question but they became very rude and unprofessional as they continually called me names in an attempt to bully and intimidate me. All because I was asking how many amps their machines have.

When they asked why I wanted to know how many amps their machines have. I explained that once I found out the number of amps, then I could determine how many Potential Electrolysis Units (PEUs) their machines produce.

The formula is Amps multiplied by Watts multiplied by Square Surface Area of the Plates (A x W x Sa = PEUs). When you multiply watts by amps by surface area you get a unit of electrical measurement called a PEU which stands for Potential Electrolysis Unit.

And this is the key: You need a minimum of 250,000 PEU’s to create stable ionized water.

This is so important so let me repeat: In order to create stable ionized water you need a minimum of 250,000 PEU’s (Potential Electrolysis Units).

This competing company falsely told me the formula is watts multiplied by plates. This is incorrect because if you have “up to” 800 watts as they claimed but only.5 amps then that reduces in half the amount of wattage supplied.

And what does “up to” 800 watts mean? Either you have 800 watts or you don’t. I’ll revisit this question shortly with the answer as to why they say “up to” a certain number.

Then when you figure out that their plates are smaller, you will see they do not have 250,000 PEUs.

So since these imitation machines do not have enough electrical power, then they can’t properly ionize the water and thus they typically must add in inorganic minerals to the water when it runs through their filters to artificially raise the pH, similar to baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).

On the other side of things, the Enagic model SD501 water machine has 230 Watts x 2.5 Amps x 623 cm of square surface plate area = 358,225 PEUs.

The SD501 has 358,225 PEU’s.

In comparison, knock-offs regularly only have about 15,000 PEU’s or about 4% of the power that the SD501 supplies.

4% is not enough to create stable ionized water, therefore competitors add inorganic minerals to the water when the water flows through their filters to make the water “alkaline” since they don’t have enough electricity to get the job done. Or in other words, the water picks up inorganic minerals when it flows through one of the filters that contains inorganic minerals, which are meant to be picked up by the water to artificially raise the pH.

There is a difference between alkaline and alkaLIZED.

Ionized water is alkaLIZED meaning the water is restructured on a molecular level through electricity. The H2O molecule has been split into H2 and -OH. This electrical process of restructuring the water molecules is called electrolysis. The H2 is diatomic hydrogen or dissolved hydrogen, which is a superior antioxidant. And the -OH is active oxygen which has other benefits.

“Alkaline” water which has not gone through electrolysis, has not been changed through electricity, it has instead been changed through a chemical process. The structure of the water hasn’t changed in this type of alkaline water. Rather, you’re just drinking water that contains an alkaline substance in it.

You can add arsenic to water to make it “alkaline”. Just because something is alkaline, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Water that has gone through a knock-off ionizer, which doesn’t have enough Potential Electrolysis Units (PEUs), simply has had an alkaline substance, such as inorganic minerals, added to the water to artificially raise the pH. These substances can be added to the water when it flows through one of the filters within the unit.

And remember above where I asked the question, “What does ‘up to’ 800 watts mean?” Either it has the watts or it doesn’t.

Well the answer is that the power supply of the Enagic ionizers produces a constant supply of electrical charge to conduct through the water continuously in order to split that H2O into H2 and -OH.

Whereas the knock-offs do not produce a constant and continuous electrical current into the water because if they did their units would overheat and their plates would become scorched or melt due to the lower quality of materials used and engineering. They’re called knock-offs for a reason. This is why I believe they told me “up to” 800 watts because their units only send interrupted electrical charges into the water, not continuous throughout. For example, if you ran water through the knock-off ionizer for 10 seconds but only send an electrical current into the water for 1 of those 10 seconds, how much, if any of that water is getting ionized?

Speaking of quality, Enagic is the only ionizer company in the world currently which has been awarded the coveted Gold Seal Certification from the Water Quality Association or WQA.

And being a member of the WQA is not the same thing as being awarded the Gold Seal Certification as you will hear the knock-offs say they are a member of the WQA just like Enagic, knowing full well they don’t have the Gold Seal Certification.

The WQA puts these machines through rigorous testing to make sure nothing leeches from the plastic, that the water doesn’t become toxic, that the quality of the water that comes out of the machine on the 1,000+ gallon etc., after running the unit non-stop for hours and hours, is the same quality as the first gallon.

All the other ionizers have not passed all the tests from the WQA to earn the Gold Seal Certification so what does that tell you?

Later, this competitor that demonizes Enagic, told me I could find the answer to my question of how many amps their machines have somewhere on their blog.

Somewhere on their blog?

But when I look at their website at that time, there is no mention anywhere of any blog.

Then when I simply asked, via their online chat, for the blog URL website address or a direct link to the info about their amps in writing, not only could they not even provide to me their nonexistent blog website address but they also made the chat box disappear and the next thing I know the page refreshes and it says they blocked my IP address.

Later still, this company somehow finds out my phone number and then calls me and leaves a voicemail threatening me and telling me that I am harassing them when I ask questions and to stop asking them questions.

Even this company’s “trusted” reviews from TrustPilot a scam.

I posted a negative review. A relatively short time later TrustPilot asks me to verify if I had a genuine experience with the company or they’ll remove my review if I cannot verify according to their criteria. So I send them screenshots of the chats, forwarded them the chat transcripts, and emails.

Trust Pilot thanks me for verifying I had a genuine experience and allows my review to stay published but only for 2 more days when they then delete my review saying they later found out I’m a competitor of this other company.

And I bet even if I wasn’t promoting Enagic, they would have still come up with some other bogus reason to delete my review. Because what does it matter that I believe in a product other than theirs? Are there not many examples in life when we buy products or do business with competing companies in all sorts of markets?

This is why you don’t see any negative reviews older than 2 weeks. And then after a little time goes by they figure out some excuse to delete those too.

But lucky for them I have decided to resurrect my review, that was published and then deleted, by copying and pasting it here below. And in the below-pasted review, I switched out the name of the company with “Anonymous company that demonizes Enagic”.


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