Golf buggies are designed to drive along the course for transporting golfers as well as their accessories from one location to another. However, just like other vehicles, a golf buggy cannot last with its original parts remaining intact forever. It’s different parts are subject to abrasion over a passage of time and as per the frequency of use. This indicates the importance of having or buying the golf buggy spares.

At some point, the buggy owner needs to buy the replacement spares or parts to keep the most responsible vehicle running at optimal speed. The best part is that replacing the parts or using new spares is easy as buggies are relatively simple vehicles. However, it might not be so simple to find the parts or spares compatible with your buggy. Therefore, here are some ways or tips to get this job done right.

Start by Peeping into the Manual

No matter which type you choose, a buggy always comes with its manual. When you feel the need to replace any of its part, start by checking the manual for warranty. If warranty is still valid, you can directly get a free service from the manufacturer. In case the warranty period has gone, you need to look for manufacturer-approved spares as well as service provider offering the same. Avoid the replacing the part on your own if it seems even a bit complicated task.

You should also check in the manual whether the spare part required could be ordered separately or with a bigger and costlier unit. For this confirmation, consider speaking with the manufacturer or viewing schematics from his site.

Consider Buying from the Manufacturer

This is the safest way to buy quality spares and parts for your cart. Utilize the second cart for parts when the previous one requires them.

Choose Shop as Per Transport Cost

If you know about some shops nearby your place, which are offering golf spares, consider choosing the one that minimizes the cost of taking the buggy to and from the shop for repairing if under warranty. As per the shop, it might be more efficient to order a new spare part and repair yourself but it should not result in void warranty.

If you are doing it yourself, purchase extra tools for installing new spares or parts. You might need wrenches, jack, and a tire tool. You can even choose to buy online, if you have brought your buggy from an online retailer who is also offering its spare parts. In this case, do confirm the delivery time.

Replace the entire buggy in case of too many parts to be replaced.

Doing so can be cheaper than buying different parts for the buggy.

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